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Use Twitter to promote your vacancies

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Twitter is a powerful tool that harnesses the power of social media as you begin to maximize content amplification. As with all social media, content needs to be kept fresh to remain relevant, and only tweeting position vacancies might not be enough to maintain the interest of your target audience. Additionally, using a tool like “If This Then That” may be part of your LEA’s solution for creating and maintaining a Social Media program. For the Tweet to be meaningful you must have “followers”. Search out the accounts of your Stakeholders and make sure they are aware of your presence.


  • Tweet - Tweets are posts that are limited to 140 characters. Tweet out your job postings and be sure to announce Job fairs and other HR or employment related information of interest to potential candidates.
  • Follow - Search out your stakeholders and find their Twitter presence, then click Follow. This will allow their postings to appear on your newsfeed and encourage them to Follow your account in return.
  • Re-Tweet - Take content from your stakeholders and send it to your followers AND encourage your followers to re-tweet your content. Build the networks through amplifying content.

Twitter Tips

A lot goes into perfecting a 140-character Twitter post about a job vacancy. If you follow these simple steps, you will be on the way to creating excellent job opportunity posts that will gain the maximum exposure to potential candidates.
  1. Use a job search related Hashtag - start the tweet with a job search related hashtag for example #JobOpening #Job #JobSearch #Jobhunt #JobListing etc. People looking for jobs will search these hashtags so by hash-tagging them, your jobs come up in the search.
    Example: Earth Science Job in Watauga County – #jobs #Watauga #Boone #vacancy #opportunity #jobsearch
  2. Hashtag the job location - include the location of the job in the Twitter post so it can be found it is #Boone or #Blowing Rock in Watauga County. You want to make sure to include, as this is another popular technique used by social media savvy job hunters. This is important as candidates will not search for a job-related hashtag like #JobOpening alone since every job in the world posted to Twitter would appear. When a person is looking for a job they will combine a job-related hashtag with a location for example ‘#JobOpening Asheville'. This way they only see jobs in the geographic area they are searching.
    Example: New High School Math Teacher #job #JobOpening in #Catawba #NCMountains #Morganton, #NC
  3. Link directly to the job posting - add a link directly to the posting page rather than a general career page. Adding a link makes it as easy as possible for the candidate to apply, and it makes you look organized and professional. Use a shortened link rather than the actual one, to save on the limited Twitter character count. Use to shorten links and the site also offers basic analytic information.
    Example: Math Teacher #job #JobOpening in #Catawba #NCMountains #Morganton, #NC
  4. Tweet @ job dedicated Twitter accounts - tweet at dedicated Twitter accounts by including them in your tweet. Find those in your area by doing a search on Twitter. By mentioning them in the tweet or in the comment section under your tweet, those accounts may re-tweet you as well, meaning their followers will see it.
    Example: @WCPSS Jobs @TriangleJobs experienced bus driver needed for temp opening with possible role going forward
  5. Add an advantage or job benefit to the tweet - To make your tweet stand out from the other job-related tweets and to make the position more attractive to candidates, you should add a job benefit. Include terms likes “Competitive Salary” or "Local supplements”.
    Example: New Director of Technology Opportunity in #Greensboro #NC – competitive salary + benefits
  6. Add a hashtag unique to your district - if your district already has a hashtag use that and create new hashtags to add to your job brand. This helps potential employees to search for jobs in you district.
    Example: Great employment opportunities await @CatawbaSchools. Check out our latest postings on ! #CatawbaSchoolsJobs #careers #hiring #ncjobs
  7. Add a call to action - Create a sense of urgency in applying, for potential candidates to carry out the action. Use phrasing such as "Apply now", or "See more here" are good calls to action. Ideally they should be placed before the link.
    Example: Apply today, multiple #Special Education positions @BladenCountySch
  8. Shortened URLs to save twitter characters - Most Twitter managers use shortened urls so they don’t waste any of the 140 characters. Google provides an url shortener - Google Shortener is free. Another shortener people can use is offered through Bitly. There is a free and pay versions.
  9. Keep tweets within character limits - A quick way to check if a tweet is too long before posting is copy and past the tweet into a Word document, highlight the text, and select Tools, then Word Count. Locate the "Characters with Spaces” number. The number will show you how long your tweet is, including spaces.

Here is a good example that encompasses all of the elements mentioned above to get your job opportunity noticed.
Example: #JobOpening for Tech Director #NC #Durham, Competitive Salary & Local Supplement Apply: @DurhamSchoolsJobs

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