Background Information

At PANC, April 2015, the HRMS team announced the selection of TeacherMatch's Intelliglance to replace our current applicant tracking system. Since that time, the team has been working with the vendor to make sure the systems meets our needs, with a planned completion of roll-out to the LEAs by 2nd Quarter 2017.

Project Details

In April 2015, we announced the vendor award for NC SchoolJobs, TeacherMatch. Since that time, the HRMS team (with assistance from the Applicant Tracking Advisory Board) and the vendor have been working to include and test NC requirements in the system.

Beginning in June 2015, the project team began working with a small group of LEA volunteers on the pilot phase. Lessons were learned and incorporated into the roll-out process and resulted in further updates to the solution.

Project Update - Fall 2016

  • The TeacherMatch Intelliglance system is in operation at over 20 LEAs and we are successfully hiring personnel.
  • A big push is currently underway to convert the vast majority of LEAs to the new system by the end of the year.
  • New functionality:
    • Preferences – When an applicant initially enters the system, they identify their preferences, including where they would like to work.
    • Prospecting – LEAs and Schools can “Prospect” for candidates based on their preferences.
    • The larger the number of LEAs using this system, the larger the pool of candidates who will list their preferences (including geographic preference based on County, Region, or State) which will correspond to a larger pool of prospects for your LEA to view.
    • Social Media – When posting a vacancy, a post will be made at the same time to your LEAs Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. In addition to simply being able to post to Social Media, guidance is provided, along with support from DPI’s communication group, regarding establishing a Social Media program to enhance “content amplification” (spreading the word that you have just posted a vacancy).
    • An NC Specific Job Board.
  • Our team will be at the Fall PANC where we and a representative from a LEA will speak to these topics in some detail.

Preparing for Go Live

  • LEAs using HRMS - In preparation to Go Live with the new system, some specific activities need to happen within HRMS. The background document explains the high level interaction between TeacherMatch Intelliglance and HRMS, and the checklist provides specific activities that need to be done in HRMS as preparation for the switch over.

  • Charter Schools - coming...
  • All LEAs
    • Update local websites with new LEA specific URL and review current language, Help Desk directions, etc.
    • Update communications materials with new LEA specific URL and review current language, Help Desk directions, etc.
    • Notify any existing or potential candidates of the new system.