Knowledge Base > KB00012 - Applicants Not Contacted by School
Last Updated: Jul 10, 2017 8:04 am

Description: A listing of applicants at various stages of the process not been contacted by the school.

Search criteria:
Applicants Not Contacted By School criteria.JPG
  • District Name = defaults to the user’s district for DA and SA users.
  • School/Department Name = defaults to the assigned site for SA users.
  • Job ID/Job Code # = the system assigned number for each job order.

Advanced Search fields:
Applicants Not Contacted By School criteria advanced.JPG
  • Job Applied From and Job Applied To = date fields to narrow the time-frame during which applicants applied.
  • SLC Status = A listing of Status Life Cycle (SLC) options used by the district.

Output Options: Web, Excel, PDF, Print
Applicants Not Contacted By School web.jpg
  • District Name = the district for which the report was generated.
  • Candidate Name = the name and email address for the candidate.
  • Job Title = the title of the job order posted followed by the Job ID#.
  • Job Applied Date = the date the applicant submitted an application for the Job Order.
  • Job Status = the status of the applicant for this Job Order.