Knowledge Base > KB00008 - Which prospects are displayed to DAs and SAs?
Last Updated: May 19, 2017 5:51 am

What determines which prospects can be seen by a DA or an SA?

When an applicant creates an account, they make selections as part of the Job Preferences page. This page has the following options:

Geography: Large Urban, Urban, Suburban, Rural, Remote

Type: Public, Private, Charter

Regions: South - South Atlantic - North Carolina - SBE Regions - Counties - School Districts

When a user accesses the Users>Prospects menu, they see applicants based on these choices. The District Administrator (DA) sees any applicant that made a Regions choice that includes their school district. The School Administrator (SA) sees any applicant based on the combination of the Regions+Geography+Type.

Example: An applicant chooses Catawba County + Public + Urban.
  • DAs at Catawba County Schools, Newton-Conover City Schools and Hickory City Schools will all have access to this applicant.
  • Only SAs in Hickory City Schools will be able to see this prospect. This is because in EDDIE Catawba County Schools is categorized as rural, Fringe (Rural), Hickory City Schools is City, Midsize (Urban) and Newton-Conover City Schools is Suburb, Midsize (Suburban). All schools receive the same categorization as the district.

While the SAs may not see all of the same prospects, the DAs can share specific applicants with the SAs.