Knowledge Base > KB00004 - What is the relationship between HRMS positions and Job Orders?
Last Updated: Jun 20, 2016 11:43 am

For LEAs using HRMS it is important to understand that in order for a Job Order to be posted in NC SchoolJobs, a position must first exist in HRMS. There is a 1-1 relationship. The LEA will use the Position module in HRMS to create or edit positions as needed. Some of the changes that a district must make in HRMS are: changing the site associated with the position and the position choice/job title association. On a scheduled basis, new or updated positions are gathered from the LEAs and sent to the applicant system.

  • Positions that are Inactive or Pending Purge in HRMS will NOT be displayed in NC SchoolJobs.
  • If a position is changed in HRMS and there is an active Job Order associated with it, the Job Order will NOT be updated.