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Use Facebook to promote your vacancies

The key to getting the word out or 'amplifying' the content, is to make connections and have others 'Share', 'Like' and Comment on postings. Search out the accounts of your Stakeholders and make them aware of your presence. There are two types of accounts you will want to establish, an organization based (such as Human Resources) and a personal (your name).

Account Types

  • Organization page - An organization page allows you to incorporate your branding. Consider setting up a page for the Human Resources department. The About section should include a description and contact information for your organization/office, set up Events (job fairs) and promote them here, and integrate Twitter into your page.
  • Personal (professional) page - As an individual, consider creating a page under your own name or a professional title/name (such as HR Director). A personal page allows for making connections (Friends) with other individuals. You can Like, Share and Comment on postings from your organization page and easily expand their reach, person to person.


  • Like - Find the pages of your identified stakeholders, then click Like. When you Like a page it is added to your Newsfeed. The key is to get others to like your page as well, so your postings regularly show up in their Newsfeed.
  • Share - When you find a posting in your Newsfeed that fits your brand or that you have created, choose to share it with Friends. Share posts with you stakeholders (such as Board members, principals) and in turn encourage them to Like, Share and Comment.
  • Comment - When you find content that supports your branding and mission, write a comment. When you comment to a posting, it will show in the newsfeeds for anyone that has liked your page, just like a posting you create. This builds on your network and can provide more interest to those following you.
  • Tag - When you make a post, you can tag people from your Friends listing to be included. This will post the item on their page as if it is something they had created and will be seen by their friends.

Examples of Amplification

  1. A principal at a school has Liked your Human Resources page. The application system automatically posts a new job vacancy to your page. The post appears in the principal's newsfeed. The principal in turn “shares” the post with his/her network of friends or comments so it now appears on their newsfeed.
  2. There are hard to fill positions in your district, have the staff responsible for the district page Like the vacancies so they get additional exposure.
  3. Have the staff at a school like the vacancies that exist there, parents that like the school's page in turn can see and amplify this vacancy at their child's school.
  4. A parent following a District or School page sees a job vacancy and copies the URL and sends via email or shares through Facebook to their job hunting child.

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